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A universal problem for every bride is what to do with the wedding dress after the big day? Selecting the perfect gown may have taken minutes or months, it may be worth thousands of dollars or bought second hand, but one thing is for sure, it was perfect for you. That wedding dress signifies your individual style, made you feel magical, fit you like a glove and will probably be the most memorable dress you will ever wear.

So what are your options for after your wedding day?

You could try to sell your dress online. Selling your dress after the big day, heartbreaking or not, is the best option for some brides trying to recoup some $$$. Unfortunately, just like buying a brand-new car the moment you drive it out of the showroom you have just lost mega bucks, this also applies to wedding dresses. Most second-hand buyers will also want the gown professionally cleaned and inline with the current styles, so if you are going to sell your dress - sell it quickly, cleaned and be willing to lose some cash

Traditionally the bride keeps her dress in the hope that one day a potential daughter may want to wear it and as sweet as that is, you may end up with 4 boys! If you are going to store your dress for the future, make sure you do it right, professional cleaned and stored in a box or bag, is the best way to ensure the moths don’t eat all that lace!

Our interesting alternative which started in America, followed shortly with a huge uproar in the UK and now very quietly has emerged in Australia, is framing your wedding dress. Wedding Dress Frames have quickly become very trendy for brides who want to utilize their dress and hang it on the wall like a piece of art work for her friends and family to see. You could also add your shoes, veil and any other memorable items from the wedding. This option is the perfect solution for the bride that will not sell her dress and refuses to keep it locked up in the wardrobe, so she reuses it as home décor! www.weddingdressframes.com.au

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