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Prices have gone down!

The hardest part of our job is to get our wedding dress frames to you in one piece! Being a heavy, glass item shipping around Australia, this can be an issue if not dealt with correctly. We recently had a sale in Tasmania, the problem was our usual courier wouldn't take The Classic frame that far, so we had to branch out.

As they say everything happens for a reason, so when we came across Allied Express Transport and realized not only could they do this job for us but the prices state wide were a lot cheaper! If we were getting our couriers prices cheaper, that meant our customers could too. Roll in a PRICE DROP! We took $200 off each of our wedding dress frames!

We have always included shipping costs in with the price and do this so our customers are not hit with a large courier fee! The price on the label is the price you will pay and that's it! We are pumped to make our prices more affordable. Another 5 more wedding dress frames have sold since this price, so we think you ladies are enjoying the savings.

Another way to get a wedding dress frames in your home without robbing the bank is our interest free payment plans. Click here to find out more.

Thanks Samantha

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