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Dress In A Box - How it started

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Getting to this point of having a published website and a business about to launch has been a turbulent and epic adventure. When Dress In A Box launches is September, it will mark a year since the idea fell in to my lap and I asked my husband..."Would this work?" Luckily, I have a super supportive husband, who has literally held my hand through this entire process, boosting my confidence and pushing me forward.

It started as all good ventures do, with some #weddingdressframeenvy.

I was following #weddingdressframe on Pintrest and the trend was growing in the UK and USA, but hadn't quite made it to Australia. I remember ringing around professional framers, who wished me luck or tried to talk me out what would be a huge job. One guy quoted me $6000!

It was then, after trying to secure a frame for my own wedding dress and having no luck that I decided, I could do this better. I could offer this to Australian Women, create a product that would be more simplistic, cheaper and just as beautiful than the original #weddingdressframe designs that were out there. I sat in my garage for 3 weeks with a carpenter redesigning the original concept of #framingmemorabilia and #shadowboxes. Many sample were made, designs shortlisted and 1 made the cut. This is the design we now use for the The Classic and The Vintage.

What makes our #weddingdresframes simplified and unique, is the frame door system.

Dress In A Box - The Classic in Silver
Dress In A Box - The Classic

The beauty of "the frame door" is that your dress is never untouchable. If I choose to wear my dress again on my 5th or 10th wedding anniversary, I can. If I want my daughter to try it on, she can. If I just want to touch the lace and remember, I can. I just didn't think it was right to have you most expensive gown locked in, and well lets face it, if the fairy tale doesn't end the way we wished, you could sell the frame and/or the dress by just opening that door!

I also didn't want to take responsibility for another woman's #weddingdress, this way a #weddingdressframe can be ordered and sent off without a dress ever having to cross my hands.

Luckily for you, we are shipping all around Australia and to celebrate our business launch SHIPPING IS FREE.

Please visit www.dressinabox.com.au and let us know your thoughts, questions and feedback about our products.

Samantha Hemple

Dress In A Box

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