Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring/post my wedding dress to you?

No! The great thing about Dress In A Box frames is that they were made with buyers in mind. You never have to part with your dress and risk the postman/courier losing or damaging your gown. The front of the frame opens like a door, when you receive your frame from us, all you will have to do is open the door and place your dress inside. It really is that easy!

How does the frame hang on the wall?

Each frame comes with a Sanus SimplySafe mount that needs to be attached to the back of the frame and to the wall. Very similar to mounting a TV on the wall. The mounts are high quality, covered under our manufactures warranty and very easy to use. You will need an extra pair of hands to help with mounting the frame. A video is available online and instructions are included in the packaging.

Does the frame have to hang on the wall?

No, many people enjoy the freedom of moving the frame in different locations around the house, however we DO advise you have a safety strap, mount or fixture to prevent an accident from occurring. The frame is well balanced when the door is open or leaning against a wall but is a heavy item and could break or cause damage if not positioned correctly. We include a Sanus SimplySafe mount for your frame which we also grantee in our manufactures warranty.

Which frame is right for my dress?

Good Question! Only you can answer that, but to help you make that choice.

We have two sizes, The Classic and The Vintage.

The Classic is the smaller frame, at only 25kg in weight. The slim fitting, body hugging dress will fit perfectly in this frame. The depth of the frame is 10cm.

The Vintage is significantly bigger, at 40kg in weight. It is 10cm higher, 20cm wider and 10cm deeper than the Classic. A mermaid, tulle or princess dress will fit comfortably in this frame.

-Get your dress out of the wardrobe or box and hang it up.

-Take measurements of your dress, the dimensions for both frames are on each product page.

-Remember your dress can be tucked up, folded, and positioned exactly how you want it.

-Shoes, jewellery, vails can all be added to the inside of the frame.

If you are still stuck, send me a picture to our email address and I will happily advise you.

Can I request a payment plan?

Yes, absolutely. We understand paying off a wedding is an expensive task, so to make our collection more accessible we will happily organise custom payment plans with you. Being fortnightly or monthly payments, we will work with you to help pay your new frame off. Just send through an email and we can begin.

When ordering online:

- firstly, discuss with us your payment plan options

- Then simply add your desired frame to the cart

- Go to Checkout

- Enter your details

- Choose Offline Payment

- This will provide you with our direct debit details

- Continue and your details and order will come to us

- Payment needs to be made in full before the frame is shipped.

Thanks! Message sent.